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Library hours: 8:30am to 3:30pm


Award Winning Books

Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award
Coretta Scott King Reading Award
Newbery Award Winners
Young Readers Choice Award – PNLA
Sasquatch Reading Award-WLMA
Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction
Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award


Tips for Selecting Books

Looking for great books…check here!

  1. Look for books in your ZPD. Check for the correct color dots.
  2. Read the summary on the inside flap. Does the book sound like something you would enjoy?
  3. Look at the illustrations and skim the text. Do the words and pictures make an interesting combination?
  4. Try the obvious. Look on the return cart and check the books waiting to be shelved. You’ll find some good choices here. Look at the new book displays as well. Especially if you read a lot.
  5. Ask the librarian, who knows hundreds of great books and would be glad to make some suggestions.
  6. Look at what your friends are reading. Ask them for recommendations.
  7. Think about books that your teachers may have shared. Would you like to re-read a favorite?
  8. Read other books written by your favorite authors.
  9. Read about your hobbies or other special interests.
  10. Browse through the non-fiction section. Something will certainly catch your eye here.
  11. Read variations of your favorite folk and fairy tales.

How to Make Your Book Happy

  1. Carry your books to and from school in your backpack in a large waterproof bag, especially if you carry food or drinks in your backpack. Keep your books out of puddles. Remember: Don’t give your book a bath!
  2. Keep books away from food and beverages. Please have snacks before or after reading your library books and keep them away from areas where food is served. Remember: Don’t feed your book!
  3. Keep books away from younger siblings who might scribble, tear or otherwise damage books. Books do not make good baby toys!
  4. Keep books away from pets. Books are not good pet food.
  5. Turn pages carefully from the top right corner, not the bottom of the page.
  6. Make sure your hands are clean when reading library books.
  7. Protect the spine of the book by always using a bookmark rather than placing it face down with the pages open.
  8. Always use a bookmark instead of turning down the corner of the pages or using a post it, which leaves a residue. Do not use objects not meant to be bookmarks, such as pencils. Anything too thick will break the book’s spine.
  9. Designate one particular place to store library books and return books there after each reading.
  10. Read it! Have someone read it to you.
  11. Return your book on time so others may enjoy it.