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Robert Gray Field Trip to the Port

A Field Trip to the Port of Longview begins with an hour long presentation by the Port that takes place in the classroom.  Dan Polacek brought to Robert Gray a video presentation that he had filmed using fly overs with a drone of the Port, Barlow Point, and Willow Grove.  The students were so engaged with the presentation!  Dan is an excellent speaker and conveys a lot of enthusiasm for the activities at the Port.  Attached are some pictures from the trip to the Port of Longview.  When you visit the Port, you take the entire one hour  trip aboard a bus.  The Berths can be super busy, and unless you know what you are doing, it is very dangerous.  So most of the pictures do not include the kids.  Also attached is a picture of our lunch picnic at Willow Grove, which is a Port owned and maintained property and another way the Port of Longview invests into the community of Longview.   In the pictures attached you will see one of the BIG HUGE cranes that the Port uses to load ships.  These cranes can be remotely operated!  They have over 80 tires each.  You will also see some huge tubes that are used for loading grain.  The Port of Longview has the most “state of the art” system used for loading grain which makes it very competitive with other Ports for exporting grain.  While students were touring, they passed by an Army Corps of Engineers ship in dock that is used for dredging the Columbia River.  When Dan Polacek, our guide from the Port,  announced it was an “Army” Corps of Engineers, the students on the bus began to cheer!  It was a busy day at the Port, so the kids really got to see so much.  Robert Gray will repeat this field trip every year.  It was very informative, exciting, and the kids learned a ton.

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March Employees of the Month

Shane Workman, Robert Gray Elementary-a long-time employee of the district, is a teacher and colleague that his students and coworkers are lucky to have.  His sense of humor and belief in the goodness of all students helps him to develop amazing connections with his students.  He goes above and beyond providing opportunities through the garden club, Math Academy, crossing guard, and tutoring for the students that are in need.  His patience and dedication to his students and school is a blessing to those at Robert Gray.







Tonya Coburn, RA Long High School- joined the district in 2017 and quickly became a valuable member of the custodial staff.  She goes above and beyond her route duties without hesitation or concern each and every day.  She goes out of her way to assist teachers and the students and consistently displays a positive attitude.  She completes every job with pride and is always looking for extra tasks to make the school a better place.


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December Employees of the Month

Jessica McDonald, at far left, has served as an elementary special education teacher in Longview since 2014. She has been a Robert Gray Explorer since 2016 and is highly regarded by all staff, students, and families. She is kind, compassionate, patient, understanding and truly believes in each and every student. These qualities result in a constant can-do attitude, no matter the situation. She shares her immense knowledge with the rest of the building staff, which they are eager to learn.

Also a Robert Gray Explorer, Kate Huhta (immediate left) took the step from substitute paraeducator to permanent Robert Gray team member this winter and has already proven herself irreplaceable. She works closely with the special education team as she eagerly learns how to give her very best to each student. She has already created connections with learners which has aided their academics and behavior. Kate is known for her creativity, always thinking outside the box to engage students. She is patient and has quickly learned how to motivate struggling students.

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End of Year Letter – Meet the Teacher 2017-18

Dear Robert Gray Community,

I would like to thank each of you for welcoming me back into the school where I started my teaching career in a first grade classroom.  After teaching each of the elementary grades, working as an instructional coach, literacy specialist and vice principal, I knew the time was right to become an elementary principal and look forward to the challenge and opportunity it will bring!

Over the past few weeks I have been spending time at Robert Gray meeting staff members, students and families-WHAT AN AWESOME TEAM!   As our students move on to the next grade level and our 5th graders head off to middle school, I am reminded of how much growth is made during the elementary years.  It is truly a magical time of watching students learn to read, write, compute and think in a more independent way.  I am looking forward to being a part of that learning cycle again.

A heartfelt “Thank you” to Dr. L for her dynamic leadership these past two years!  She brought in Conscious Discipline, Play works, and a transparent style of collaboration mixed with a “can do” attitude.  Kala will be missed both by Robert Gray and also The Longview School District.

We would like to encourage our students and families to maintain their reading habits during the summer months by diving into the books Dr. L is sending home with each student! If you find yourself in need of more reading material consider frequenting our beautiful Longview Public Library this summer.  Don’t forget to share you reading fun by posting reading photos to the Robert Gray Facebook page.

I look forward to seeing you back at school on August 30th, on the first day of school for grades 1-5. Our all school meet-the-teacher & supply drop off will be Tuesday, August 29th. from 4-5:30p.m.


Lori P. Larson


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March – National Breakfast Month

To celebrate March as National Breakfast Month our Nutrition Department will offer “i-Breakfast Wednesdays!” Thanks to the Washington Dairy Council, drawings for weekly prizes of i-Tunes Gift Cards will be held the first four Wednesdays of the month. A grand prize of an i-Pad will be awarded to a student who participates in breakfast during this time! This year’s special menu will feature fruit and yogurt parfaits. No purchase is necessary.

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December Employees of the Month


Let’s have a round of applause for the December Employees of the Month Amy Frazier and Debra Takko.

Amy (at left) is new this year to Longview Schools and has been a very positive addition to the Robert Gray family. As a PE teacher, she has gone above and beyond to make fitness enjoyable for students by talking with them about their progress and how they can improve. Amy educates students on the importance of being active and leads by example as she gets involved in the games with the students. She organized a winter break physical activity challenge for students and is helping lead the Fit Hawks Program at our school this year. She has also been actively involved in implementing new recess structures through the Playworks grants teaching students the games and how to work cooperatively together in team situations.


Debra (at right), who serves in the accounts payable department, has been with the district since 1997 and is greatly appreciated by both the vendors she helps pay and the schools and departments she serves. She demonstrates a wonderful “can do” attitude under any circumstance to both district staff members and outside vendors. She is always willing to do whatever it takes to finish a project or to assist a colleague.

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Robert Gray’s Conference Information

Robert Gray conferences will be held November 15 – 22.  Students will be released at 12:30 pm, after lunch is served.  If you are unable to make your scheduled conference time, please call the office at 575-7331 to reschedule.  We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your student’s achievement!

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